Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by TheUltimateCombo on Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:48 pm

Hey guys! I hope whoever joins this forum enjoys their stay and finds a home here among fellow fans.

That said, in order to prevent things from getting out of hand, here's some ground rules:

#1: Respect Everyone

This almost goes without saying. If you insult another member, your username goes red, and you won't be posting anymore.

#2: Be Sparse With Swearing

Or in other words, the only "curse" words allowed are "hell" and "damn". Nothing else. If you curse, you'll be edited.
[P.S: Words like "crap", "heck", "darn", etc. don't count]

Be Considerate
No Inappropriate Content
No Spam

If you manage to break one of these rules, one of the following may occur:

1. You just get talked to. This in regards to being considerate and swearing.
2. Your post gets edited. If you post IC(inappropriate content), you get ONE warning.
3. You get banned. No one wants that. Okay? If you break Rule 1, you get three strikes. Period. No three strikes per topic, this spans forum wide. Be respectful.

If you are banned, after the 15th of the next month you can appeal your case by emailing me at I will consider your sincerity, and may let you back. You get another three strikes before getting banned for good.


Q. Are you the only moderator?
A. Until more members join, unfortunately I am. Therefore try to be good, M'kay?

Q. If I post something you don't agree with, will I get banned?
A. Everyone has free will. As long as it's not porn, or an attack on someone, then fine.

Q. Where does everything go?
A. The sub-forums should have a description. If it isn't clear enough, just PM me, and I'll help you.


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Re: Rules and Regulations

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