Virgule Watteau: War Detective

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Virgule Watteau: War Detective

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Virgule Watteau: War Detective

Arthur is © of Marc Brown and 9 Story Entertainment

Chapter 1: Pouring in Ideas

One morning in a small house in Elwood City, a young and eager writer was practically almost all day in her room coming up with the ultimate masterpiece. Something that outclasses all her other works. She adored detective or mystery novels and practiced her literature skills through role playing and her doll sets. For now she is coming up with a premise to start her new work. Her name is Fern Walters and her stories were mostly about her "alter ego"; a 1930's French detective named Virgule Watteau. And that's what THIS story is going to be about.

As she was about to put her pencil to use, a few knocks on the door stopped her. She sighed at the thought her mom would give her what seemed to be an endless amount of chores.

“Come in.” she called out. As the door opened in, it was indeed her mom, but instead of a list of chores, there was a different type of news.

“Fern, George is here to see you.” Fern smiled as her good friend from school entered the room to accompany her as she was writing.

“Hey George.” she greeted

“Hey Fern.” George greeted back.

“Well I'm going to prepare tea.” said Miss Walters. “Make yourself at home, George.”

“Sure thing, Miss Walters.” As Ms Walters left the room to make refreshments for the two, the kid duo tended to Fern's work.

It's a bummer that I didn't get to go with the others to summer camp.” said George. “I couldn't even leave the house now that my parents are out to a week's vacation with their friends.”

“Well I wasn't in the mood for outdoor stuff so I didn't really bother packing” reassured Fern. “But you're welcome here anytime, George.”

“So what's the scoop this time?” asked George. Fern sat down on her bed and was ready to reveal her plans for her new story.

“I just thought of something after Mr Ratburn's class on World War II. Something that outranks ALL my other works!”

“Is it going to be another one of Ladonna's wacky tales?” George asked. Fern giggled as she remembered the time when she couldn't think of a story to write and consulted to her classmate from Louisiana for help.

“No silly. What if the great Virgule Watteau and her sidekick Bastings went on the adventure of their lives? A single conflict brings them to their biggest set of cases and mysteries yet. It all begins now!”

“And about WWII?”

“That's sorta the setting of the story.”

“You're going to get Watteau involved in the fighting?”

“Well not exactly. But rather help out at home. You know, detectives solving cases in America.”

“Sounds like a plausible idea. But how are you going to start it off?” But Fern rested her head on her hands as she placed her elbows on her desk.

“That's where I'm stuck at.” she said. “I don't really know where to begin.”

“Hey, which reminds me.” George had something in mind. “I have this book about war posters from my uncle for my birthday last month. Wanna take a look for a bit?” Fern needed a break from half an hour's worth of brainstorming for her premise. She nodded in agreement. George opened up his bag that he brought along with him and rummaged into it. He felt for his book when he took rather different item. It was an action figure of Bionic Bunny.

“Oops. I forgot to give this back to Buster at school.” He put the figure back into the bag and continued searching. He finally took out a blue book with Rosie the Riveter's "We Can Do It!" signature poster. They opened the book and read through the various war posters. They were quite amazed about how these symbolic pieces of art. They saw that most posters symbolized victory, the need for freedom and liberty and safety in the home front. But there were others that were rather disturbing.

“Yikes!” she yelped after looking at a very traumatizing, medieval-styled German poster. “These German posters are kinda scary.”

“They did terrorize Europe back then.” added George.

“And some of the Russian posters were just as scary, but some of the others are quite patriotic. I liked the American and British ones best. I can see how influential these works of paintings were.” Just then, Fern’s eyes and smile widened as if she had one of those “eureka!” moments.

“I got it!” she jumped.

“Got what?” asked George, curiously.

“My story! I now have an idea on how it will begin.”

“Great! So you wanna get to it?”

“I suppose. Thanks for bringing the book over.” George raised an eyebrow.

“Huh? That was what you had in mind?” he asked again.

“Something like that. Let’s get to work. Wanna help me out?”

In a British accent, George gave a proper thumbs up.

“Bastings reporting for duty!” Both sat on Fern’s bed and Fern grabbed her pencil. She took out her notebook and was prepared for the beginning of her masterpiece.

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