Why do people do certain things?

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Why do people do certain things?

Post by RubyandSapphire on Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:56 pm

Warning: this will be featuring LGBT community discussion. Wether this violates the censorship cod or not, I don't know.
Binky Barnes is an interesting person indeed, a gentle giant with a over for both ballet and wrestling. Surely there could be a lot of different and interesting fanfiction about him, he's complex. But unlike what I thought I'd see a variety of different ways people wrote Binky, there was so much possibility with him. He's not my favorite, not by a long shot. But when I saw what people were doing with him, I was disappointed and disgusted. The only thing that people seamed to care about was, "look guys, he's gay because ballet!"

First thing, ballet does not equal gay. (hey that rhymed!) Secondly I think you're also saying that he's homosexual because he's also *bigger*.
Now this didn't have to be a problem, but being the idiots that they were they managed to make it into one. They managed to create a stereotype worse than what we have already. That all homosexual men are per***** (sorry for that, at least I censorsed it) Fun fact, it ain’t true.

Due to a lot of time rewriting and editing I am not able to finish this post. If you would like to see more search for okay2ba.wordpress.com you'll see the article at the top, then click and read to hear the full version. (14+ for safety, sorry kids.)


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Re: Why do people do certain things?

Post by TheUltimateCombo on Thu Mar 10, 2016 7:59 am

Hi and welcome to the forum first off.

Don't worry, no rules broken.

This is something that's bothered me too. Sure, there are gay men who enjoy ballet, but that isn't always the case. Some men (talking heterosexual here) prefer the grace, elegance, and refinement that goes into the dance.

My thing is, as always, they are just third graders. Sometimes boys like what mostly girl do, and vice versa. Just because I might browse the pink section of a toy store doesn't mean I'm gay, and the reverse is also true, just because I like action figures and truck doesn't make me straight.

The problem here is the thought that Gay = Womanlike, which is as bad a stereotype as you can get. Binky's just an eight year-old with a different interest than most. And it's not like he wore a tutu, not like that matters.

Some people just don't understand that defining a child's sexuality is pretty wrong. They haven't gotten a chance to live life when it really matters (high school, college, etc.), so what they do, and how they act in the here and now, doesn't mark them for whatever labels we slap on them.

After all, I thought that society is moving past labels? Why do some fans persist?


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